law firm bookkeeping services

Some software platforms allow you to use accrual-based books for monthly management of the firm while also creating cash-basis statements for preparing tax returns. Look into the pros and cons of both methods for your firm, then be consistent going forward to ensure your records are accurate and easy to track. Accounting and bookkeeping happen at different stages while managing your small law firm’s finances. Bookkeeping is law firm bookkeeping the process of tracking the cash coming into and out of your business, and it’s the foundation for proper legal accounting. Typical bookkeeping tasks are (1) recording financial transactions, (2) creating and sending invoices, and (3) running payroll. At Lescault and Walderman, we understand accounting for law firms and the importance of accurately billing time and leveraging financial data to make operational decisions.

law firm bookkeeping services

High-level reporting using firm specific data sets the stage for maximum return on your bottom line. We provide our clients with improved visibility into their financial operations and greater scalability at a lower cost point than can be achieved through traditional in-house operations. Collecting and organising your financial data regularly is critical, rather than just at the end of the year. If you’re interested in practicing law without financial distractions, contact us today. We continue to invest in industry-leading accounting and finance technology. Forward thinking professional service firms need to have an eye on the future and must have a strategy that allows them to implement technology that drives their firms forward.

Accounting for Attorneys and Law Firms

Practice Alchemyʼs team of legal bookkeeping experts know how to build and deploy successful bookkeeping programs to ensure your books are diligently and accurately kept. Data entry errors lead to wasted time, as you comb through records to figure out what the error is, as well as billing complications and compliance violations in the worst cases. And law schools don’t really go into how to manage these accounts properly, so we see a lot of lawyers going in blind. Trust accounting (including IOLTAs) isn’t a part of standard business accounting. Because it’s an industry-specific account, it’s a common area to make mistakes. Lastly, transactions are not recorded until you receive the money, so it’s not taxed until it’s actually in the bank.

  • Lawyers are required to deposit all short-term and nominal client funds in an IOLTA account.
  • It’s called the “corporate veil,” and it protects business owners and their personal assets from legal action taken against the company.
  • Accounts Junction is reliable, accurate and efficient accounting firm providing cost effective accounting services for law firms.
  • Ask around to see if other attorneys have a recommendation, or ask your State Bar for referrals.
  • You’re responsible for recording the receipt and disbursement of these funds and posting the transactions to the ledger accounts of clients.

One major challenge many law firms face is the high cost of hiring a full-time CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and accounting staff. It can be a significant hurdle for firms trying to manage their finances effectively. You can now cross law firm bookkeeping off your to-do list and relax about the financial aspect.

Common legal accounting and bookkeeping mistakes

Bookkeeping That Doesn’t Suck is one of the fastest-growing law firm bookkeeping companies in the U.S. Forward-thinking law firms recognize the need for timely and reliable data, and accurate bookkeeping for law firms. In cash basis accounting, you record income and expenses when money changes hands.

Finding the right accounting services for your law firm is critical in today’s legal arena. Law firms are still dealing with the fallout from COVID-19, so financial management is a challenge. Many lawyers are finding they have less and less time to spend on bookkeeping tasks, even though a law office is a business and must make a profit to survive. The law firms have a very different type of working when compared with the other types of the business.


We’ll also show you how legal accounting software can make the whole process easier (and more effective). We found Lescault & Walderman while setting up our new law firm. As lawyers, we didn’t want to focus on the day-to-day of our firm’s accounting. They check-in with us weekly or more, and they maintain and upgrade our financial systems as our firm continues to grow.